Frank Sinatra Birthday Bash Party  -  The Original Hoboken

 NY New York City Metro Area Favorite - Frank Sinatra & Rat Pack Event   

Our Annual Birthday Bash Party for Frank Sinatra & his Family, 2015 is our 100th celebration. Join families & friends from our Hoboken's Little Italy neighborhood , who have been celebrating our local Kid - Frankie - Birthday, since his 1st First, long before he became - The USA's First American IDOL - or - The World's First Music Entertainment ICON.   Our Frank  was a local kid who Dared to Dream Big, of better things, of a good life for his family  then and worked, kept applying himself, worked and  resiliently persevered and then kept worked  to become - a Music Legend. 

Just like Frank's First Birthday Right Here in Hoboken, where  - "IT" -  all Started, and Frank started  Saloon singing at his parents local bar Saloon.  Our celebration is always a down to Earth, Tribute,  Just as our Frankie started swinging with  Friends, Families Singing Along and even, Laughs, great Foods, Drinks, Break Bread and  maybe some Swing Dancing.   In past year's the highlight has always been Neighborhood Kids singing and dancing together at our celebration.  What could be more beautiful and we hope those neighborhood kids also have big Dreams for the lives.  Join Us.  We have a lot to be grateful for.   At our celebration, we invite your to be part of our community.

Call  Us   201-456-6777  -  DELAURO & The RAT PACK BAND  Party Dance Swing                  BAND Party Events    and   -  Academic Music in schools education initiatives -        http://www.DeLauro.Org

Here in Hoboken It's Always a Life All Year long Sinatra Birthday Celebration in Frank's Hometown Birthplace City.  


Each year, we get great letters outlining how our music requires a 50+ piece concert orchestra, but they never include any quality payment to fully support  all our amazing  musician artisans and conductors.  In the meantime.  Join Us here in Hoboken or with a Sinatra song in your heart join our sing along where ever you are Dec 12th 

         9AM    -   City Clerk  Farina Hoboken4  - Birthday Cake "CakeBoss"  - City Hall  Hoboken

       Noon    -    Radio Show -  Live from PATSY's NYC Restaurant -  Franks Favorite Italian Restaurant   


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PARKING                3rd Street at between Frank Sinatra Drive and River St - 50 yards from venue  - or Many other locations

MASS TRANSIT  -  Hoboken Lackawanna Transit Hub - Just Three Short Blocks from  Train, Ferry, Bus  & PATH Subway

Little Town NJ
310 Sinatra Drive
Hoboken, NJ

Frank’s Birthday Party
Start spreading the booze…
Thursday, December 12th at 6PM

Are you ready to have a good time honoring the one and only Frank Sinatra?
Well then grab your fedoras & friends and join us for Frank’s celebratory birthday bash!

Little Town NJ is hosting the party Rat Pack style with music, cocktails and more!
We’ll be toasting to the Hoboken Native with swing musician, Eric Delauro and
keeping it classy with old videos and food & cocktail specials starting at 6PM.

“Gimme a bottle and a glass and I’ll get America off its ass.” as Frank would say.
So you heard him, come on in to taste some of his favorites!
Cheers with the luscious Ol’ Blue Eyes or Have It My Way cocktail specials
& enjoy delicious menu specials such as Frankie’s Clams.

Dress like Frank with Bucco Couture's Rat Pack inspired luxury garments.
Bucco Couture will be on site showcasing and selling their products.
These master tailors help you stay a step ahead by providing
you with world-class bespoke custom and ready-to-wear garments.

Cut loose as we remember one of the world’s most iconic performers!

For Reservations email

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning,
that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day” – Frank Sinatra

Little Town NJ
310 Sinatra Drive
Hoboken, NJ